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There are 2 ways to meet Slovenian bride: go on a trip to Slovenia, find there a pretty girl you’ll like and try to start a conversation with her or use online services for help. Such dating platforms allow to choose among thousands of singles and give enough time to know each other before arranging a real trip. Happily, Slovenian girls are opened for conversation, motivated to find a man from abroad and have traditional family values. All of these reasons make Slovenian beauties the perfect candidates for the role of your girlfriend and maybe even wife in the future.

Traits of Slovenian Women 

slovenian brides

There are a lot of Slavic girls, who are looking for foreign men for marriage and respectively offer lots of happiness and warmth. However Slovenian girls are considered to be special because they have a couple of differences making them different from others.


For example, hot Slovenian women used to look fabulous and attractive at any time of the day and night. Although unlike other girls, Slovenian ladies do not spend much time on beauty procedures, makeup, and dressing. They have good genes and “taking easy” approach, which can save lots of costs and nerves for their future husbands. 

Way of Living

At the same time, attractive look is explained by their love for an active way of living. Women of Slovenia love to be outdoors, go to the gym, hikes and participate in other sports events. Of course, she will never push you up to this. It is rather probable, that in case you are homebody she will find a compromise for spending time together. Although these specific preferences should be considered.

Other Slovenian Women Traits

It’s a known fact that southern people considered to be hospitable and nice. The same is applicable to Slovenian mail order brides. Actually, dating a Slovenian will never make you face with coldness and indifference.

The only thing to be considered is the attitude to the truth. Slovenian ladies are very honest, they used to share the things they care about and be opened to those, with whom they have close communication, without matter is it performed online or offline. These women never play games or intrigue and look for the same from the man’s side.

Slovenian ladies are family-oriented and seek a partner for entire life. They are loyal, loving understanding wives, who will make all efforts to keep family happy. They are brilliant with children and partner-oriented, so you will not have a feeling, that your wife loves a baby more than you, which sometimes happened with other Slavic girls.

Why Do Slovenian Women Date Foreign Men?

There is a casual, but the still strong motivation for Slovenian girls to date foreign men, which comes down to the fact that they are simply opened to everything new and do not build any borders and limits during their search of the soulmate. If you communicate with the Slovenian mail order bride, you can be sure she is sincerely interested in you and considers the probability to become your couple.

How to Meet Slovenian Mail Order Brides

So as you already know from the previous paragraph, Slovenian women dating men from other countries with pleasure. If you would like to become one of these men, let’s explore how you can do it. First of all, we should find an answer to the question about the best places to find Slovenian women without visiting Slovenia? Although, the answer is rather predictable: on the special international online dating websites that cover this country.

Such websites help many men around the world to find a bride from Slovenia. So since we found out where you should perform your search, let’s see what steps you should do for it.

How to Choose Dating Site

The first step will be about choosing the right dating site. Because if you try to google “Slovenian ladies for marriage”, you will see how many options your search system will provide you with. And here are some tips and tricks that will help you to make an informed choice and go to the further step:

Reputation of the Platform

If the platform exists more than only a couple of months, it will not be a problem to find some reviews on it. Just be careful and choose independent sources, because advertisement will not provide you with the correct information about the platform. The best source to find out all the pros and cons of the site will be comments from the real users;

Security System

Check does the site provide you with the necessary protection. The safety policy of the platform should include a personal data protection system and anti-scam protection. Because you need to be one hundred percent sure that the environment is safe and you do not need to worry about it. Only in this case, you will be able to focus on the search of your second half;


Check is it easy to use the platform. If the website’s design and navigation are not intuitively understandable, you will need to spend a lot of time to understand how this or that features works. And it will be much more useful to spend this time on communication with beautiful Slovenian women;

Slovenian Women Dating Sites

For those who do not have enough time for all of these checks, here are a few trusted websites:


Creating an Account

After you chose the web source, which you would like to use for your search, you will need to create an account there. And this is the second step. The registration process on such websites is usually easy and fast.

Open the registration form. Usually, “registration” or “sign up” bottom located at the middle or at the top of the website’s landing page;

Fill out the registration form. Usually, such forms are brief and standard, so you just need to answer on a few questions, such as:

  • Your name?
  • Your date of birth?
  • What is your email address?
  • What is your password?

Once you fill out all the fields, your profile will be created. But it is not the last step, because you need to fill it out. An empty profile will not help you to meet a serious woman there, so do not be too lazy to spend 10-15 minutes to write some information about your worldview and preferences and upload at least a couple of your photos.

This will be a final step before you will meet your Slovenian soulmate.


Slovenians are a friendly and polite nation, which is especially applicable to women. If you dream to have a sincere, kind, loving wife, which will care for you, will support and give you all the passion, you are on the right way and Slovenian woman will make your dream come true!


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