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Now that the internet exists, it became much easier to do so many things: get new information travel to connect with people all over the world get the bride ordered. However, the internet made things more civilized and legal. 

A bride is not something you can choose click order and get her in two weeks sent by post and beautifully packed. Humans are not some goods. So if you thought that things are that easy and cruel at the same time, we must reassure you that this article isn’t about human trafficking. To all the right people who understand that brides are rational human beings that deserve respect and appropriate treatment keep reading and you will find the answers to the question of who Russian mail order brides are and all the perks of having one of them.

Russian Brides For Sale 

Russian Brides

The market of mail order brides is especially flourishing in Russia and Ukraine. So in this article, we want to find an answer to the following questions: why are Russian mail order brides so popular? Why do Russian women want to become mail order brides? What are the best online services to find a Russian mail order bride? This is the kind of information that can lead you through the whole process of deciding whether you want a Russian bride getting to know what they are looking for in a relationship finding the perfect one and figuring out how a relationship with a Russian woman works. So, no more descriptions, let’s start our adventure of finding the love of your life in Russia.

Why are Russian women so popular? 

Thousands of males all over the world are striving to get a Russian bride. What secrets Russian brides know that keep men attracted to them today we are going to reveal the mystery. To prove our points, we asked men from numerous countries to share their opinion on Russian brides. 


There is no doubt that Russian females have a beautiful appearance naturally. Their porcelain close to pale royal skin that somehow remains silky arouses the irresistible desire to touch it all your life. Their facial features are absolutely worth a full article. 


The first thing you will notice is their eyes. Big eyes with its lovely blue color, draw all the attention in the opening minutes of acquaintance. It is not only their beauty of it but some unexplainable light and liveliness that hide behind them. Then you will probably notice their small neat nose and full lips. 


The face form is usually oval more rarely round. All-in-all the face is symmetrical and full of harmony. Due to the optimistic nature of Russian ladies, it is often lightened up by a smile. Let us assure you this kind of smile seems to brighten your whole life. No matter what the weather is outside, having a Russian wife feels like summer every day. 


Of course, we can’t forget about the figures of Russian ladies. They vary from woman to woman obviously. Everyone can find what one likes, either it is curvy and passionate or slim and tender. But slim figures are more often to be seen due to the worldwide beauty standards created by media and fashion business. The way they take care of themselves, many nationalities surely try to get more comfortable and prefer natural looks. However, it often means neglecting hygiene and simple things as combed hair and unwrinkled clothes. This doesn`t make them look any prettier, but everyone has gotten used to it. That is why Russian women seem to be much more beautiful among others. 

They actually do pay attention to what they look like and take their time to look neat and put together. It is very uncommon that you can see a Russian woman without a single makeup product on their face. Their nails are always done. An outfit is usually put together the day before it is worn. That is pretty impossible for them to leave the house without their hair combed and styled. These little details do have their effect and Russian women seem to be always ready to run a fashion show. 


Feminist tendencies changed the way women see and behave themselves. They are more likely to be overly independent want to be leaders everywhere they go, and their career has bigger importance to them as family and house does. Sometimes it is good to have an ambitious partner in life. But honestly, when she doesn’t come home for 3 days straight because of some project, your fridge has not seen fresh food for more than a week and children sometimes confuse their nurse for a mother, you start to get worried. In this aspect, Russian women have their advantage as well. 

They are brought up in the traditional family where a father is the head of the family and the mother takes care of the household and its citizens. However, it doesn’t mean that they don`t have a job or dreams and aims. Russian women learned to balance personal and professional life perfectly. No matter how hard the situation in the workplace is, the family still remains her number one priority. It means that the house will be clean; the husband will be satisfied and taken care of and children will know exactly who their mother is. 

Cheerfulness and Friendliness 

Russian women are known for their positive attitude to everything that happens to them. They know that every difficult situation is just a good lesson to learn and a valuable experience to have. So they are unlikely to be sad without a reason and all the trials are approached with great patience and strength of the personality. It also means that she will teach you the same attitude and will help to find a positive side of every situation. She will also do her best to provide all the possible help and thoughtful advice. If it is impossible because of some reason, she will just be your best supporter. Being there for you is the task she will complete with all her love and sympathy. 

When you get a Russian wife, you can be sure that you become your best friend. Speaking of friends due to her outgoing and cheerful personality, she easily makes new acquaintances and finds a unique approach to everyone. You shouldn`t be surprised when she gets along with all your friends. She knows how to make people feel good about how to entertain them and people are longing for contact with her. 

Why Do Russian Women Become Mail Order Brides? 

They are so amazing and manage to make things so perfect, so you would probably think: Russian males must go all over themselves to keep them. So why are there so many mail order brides? The answer isn’t an easy one and there are lots of reasons. Nevertheless, we are ready to solve such a mystery and show you the results. 

There Are More Females in Russia

It’s the most obvious one. Statistically, there aren’t enough men for all the women in the country. So what should they do now is to be unmarried for the rest of their lives that isn’t an answer to the Russian women who enjoy romance so much? So they look for love everywhere and who knows maybe you are exactly who one of them is looking for. 

Males Don’t Care

Even though there is no way, you’re not falling for such a gorgeous type of woman, Russian males are used to it. They take it for granted. They were raised by the mothers who worked really hard, managed the household cooked three-course meals every day, gave all their love and support to the family and still somehow managed to look like they’ve just had a spa day. So seeing perfect women for the whole life, they don’t know that it can be different. As a result, they tend to neglect everything that is being done to them and even get irritated when a woman tries to support them. No one likes their hard work to go unnoticed, and right this kind of treatment makes women look for appreciation abroad. 

Russian Males Are Actually Meh 

Men from Russia don’t care about themselves at all. Dirty wrinkled clothes unwashed faces chaotic bears are a sad reality. They aren’t the worst things, though. Most of the Russian men tend to be alcoholics. It isn’t like a beer after work they are from the kind of vodka after work.

Moreover, they can get so drunk so that they won’t go to the job the next day. Of course, it influences their income dramatically and the whole family suffers from a drinking family member. Women are forced to take up more working hours and they still have to manage perfect personal life. This isn’t the husband women enjoy being with. 

Situation In Russia 

The economic and political situation can’t be described as the best one. There is no doubt that people in such big cities as Saint Petersburg and Moscow have a quite good level of life. But all the other cities are struggling. If you have a diploma and have a job, it doesn’t mean that you will live without any problems. Some municipalities require people to work twelve hours at least. Young people work from a very young age, which leads to neglecting of education as it is. As a result, in some regions, it looks like civilization has never got there. Living in such conditions is not easy. It can be described as stressful and harmful to physical and mental health. 

It’s About Love 

Sometimes you look for your love but it never comes. People come and go and no one of them touched your heart. Everything and everyone seems so wrong. Settling with someone you are just comfortable with is not a very appealing idea. So Russian women don’t give up on love and make sure that they looked for it literally everywhere and abroad as well. The good news is that they usually succeed. We mean it is a normal thing that your soulmate lives in another country and thanks to the internet it is so much easier to find them. It makes life brighter an international relationship is a new level of adventure. You know the adventure that lasts more than half of your life. It is a way to turn one’s life around get a fabulous experience, and actually it feels like starting from scratch. 

Russian Mail Order Brides Cost 

Sexy Russian brides for marriage are not something you can click on and get delivered within 3-5 business days. Russian brides real are people and are not goods. So there are not fixed prices. It will cost you as any other relationship plus extra for the tickets mail order brides agencies’ service and her moving in with you. 

Where Do I Find Russian Mail Order Brides? 

Men all over the world usually use special dating sites that function like mail order brides agencies. The membership on such sites is not cheap, but taking into account all kinds of unique services they provide, you will agree that the prices are pretty reasonable. First of all, the sites themselves are straightforward to use and the sign-up process takes no more than 5 minutes. You just need to enter your name, gender, and sexual orientation, email, and age. Then you are free to look at the profile and use the perfect match system. 

We mean it is even better than google. The accuracy of the search system on such sites is really unbelievable. Extended search allows you to look for a bride with specific characteristics as height, weight, age, country of origin, appearance, bad habits, children. 

Once you’ve entered your criteria, dozens out of thousands of profiles pop up to make your experience pleasant and comfortable. Otherwise, you should have analyzed hundreds of thousands of profiles which is quite tiresome and requires a lot of time. However, for future brides, it is not that easy. They should come to the specialized agencies to confirm their identity with the passport and then they get a professional photo session. It is done to protect you from scam profiles and to make sure that the lady in real life and the lady on the profile picture is the same person. `You know sometimes women want to get married so badly that they photoshop their photos to the point when you wouldn’t even recognize her in public. 

Best Russian Dating Sites

The option of uploading a picture that is 10 years old is also known among Russian women. However mail order brides agencies made sure that nothing like that happens to you. They also ask ladies to fill out their profiles as carefully as possible and provide only accurate information about their personality. All in all, you will see only the best profiles with professional photos and a detailed description of a lady and her life. We also want to provide you with a list of sites that are absolutely trustworthy and were proved to bring thousands of loving hearts together. 

  • loveswans 
  • matchtruly 
  • ukrainiancharm 
  • valentime 
  • victoriabrides 

As you see, we have answered all the questions, and now you can freely start looking for your perfect Russian mail order bride.


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